Things I Miss After 9 Months of Budget Travel in Asia

We have been traveling now for 9 months. From the time we started traveling until now I could have gestated an entire human being. It turns out traveling is not so unlike pregnancy. They both cause aching backs, sore feet, weird food cravings, and sometimes vomiting. They both inspire amazement, excitement, and anticipation of what is to come next.

And travel, like pregnancy, can make you nostalgic for what life was like before. With pregnancy, it was a flat stomach, sleeping through the night, and not having to pee all of the time. Here are some things I miss from life before travel.

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Top 15 Things We Did in Southeast Asia

On this trip, we traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos. When we finished our travels in the region, we had each family member make a top 15 list (because we had so many great experiences, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just 10).

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The Liebster Award


I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Steph from The Traveling Teacher. The Liebster Awards were set up by bloggers to help other bloggers find and interact with those new to blogging.

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Should You Travel to Laos?

The southeast Asian country of Laos is sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam with Cambodia to the south. It would make sense to add this country to an itinerary when exploring the neighboring countries.

So should you travel to Laos?

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Getting Invited in Out of The Rain on Don Khon in Laos

After 4 days of doing nothing on the sleepy (especially in low season) island of Don Khon in southern Laos, I was starting to get a bit bored. My family was happy to keep lounging around, so I headed off on a walk by myself.

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 16 Things That Seem Normal After 5 Months of Travel in Southeast Asia

It occur to me recently that things that seemed unusual in southeast Asia at first are starting to seem normal. Our daughters had a friend come stay with us for two week recently and we would laugh when she would point out things she found strange because they didn’t seem weird to us anymore.

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A Random Reflection

We spent a total of one month this summer in the small northern Thailand towns of Mae La Oop and Mae Chaem. While we were living there I noticed something was missing. Something I see everyday in the United States. I look at this household item several times a day at home. Sometimes I spend up to an hour at a time staring at it, analyzing and adapting what I see when I look at it. Continue reading