Things to do in Mae Chaem, Thailand

Mae Chaem is a small town in northern Thailand. Not as small as Mae La Oop. But not very big. Some people say it will be the next Pai, but not having been to Pai so far, I can’t say. There is definitely not much tourism happening in Mae Chaem . . . yet.

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Schools in Mae Chaem

In Mae Chaem, like in Mae La Oop, we had the opportunity to follow the students on their internship when they visited schools and participated in other English teaching opportunities. This time Rand and I mostly observed, but we still had some great experiences.

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Mae Chaem Homestay

Unlike in Mae La Oop, our homestay in Mae Chaem was set up as a business. A sign in front of the house with Thai lettering marked the Pa Daed Homestay.

When we arrived our host, Mae Pa, had a cold drink waiting for us. She ladled blue liquid into glasses and gestured that we should squeeze lime into the drink. After we did, she held up the glass and showed us how the lime was turning the blue liquid purple. Continue reading

Adventures in Transportation Part 2: Getting Around Northen Thailand from Mae La Oop to Chiang Mai to Mae Chaem

We left Mae La Oop and the students staying for their internships on a rainy Friday morning. After saying our goodbyes to our homestay family, our host drove us in the back of his truck the 11km down the mountain to the closest town. As we reached the town we came upon a songtheow Continue reading