Buses in Sri Lanka

After 3 crowded and uncomfortable train experiences in Sri Lanka, including two several hour trip where we had to stand, we decide to try the local bus for the rest of our travel in the country.

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Trains in Sri Lanka

Trains in Sri Lanka

Riding the train in Sri Lanka is billed as an essential tourist experience. It not only gets you from one place to another, it also offers views of the ocean and mountains as the train passes down the coast or through the center of the island. Unfortunately, for the most part, our experience riding trains in Sri Lanka was less than pleasant.

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Getting from Si Pan Don to Vang Vieng: Adventures in Transportation Part 4

After 5 days on Don Kohn we were ready to move on. We had planned to spend a month in Laos, but our schedule was only loosely laid out.

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Adventures in Transportation Part 3: From Bangkok to Kanchanburi

Kanchanburi is a popular destination just outside Bangkok known for its World War II sites (Bridge on the River Kwai), natural scenery, and floating raft guesthouses. Travel agencies will happily book overpriced tours from Bangkok, but we prefer to take local transport which is cheaper and usually not that complicated. Usually…

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Adventures in Transportation Part 2: Getting Around Northen Thailand from Mae La Oop to Chiang Mai to Mae Chaem

We left Mae La Oop and the students staying for their internships on a rainy Friday morning. After saying our goodbyes to our homestay family, our host drove us in the back of his truck the 11km down the mountain to the closest town. As we reached the town we came upon a songtheow Continue reading

Adventures in Transportation Part 1: Getting from Butterworth to Bangkok

We love traveling by train. It’s generally cheaper than flying. You get to see parts of the country you are travelling in that you wouldn’t normally get to see as the scenery rolls by out the window. And at night you get to sleep. In a bed. A fold out bed, yes.  But way more comfortable than trying to sleep in an airplane seat on an overnight flight!

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