Family Travel Budget for Sri Lanka


Family budget Sri la

For all of south and south east Asia our budget is 100 USD per day. In Sri Lanka this was not an easy budget to keep.

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Last Stop in Sri Lanka: The Capital City, Colombo

We finished our tour of Sri Lanka in Colombo. Many people who have visited Sri Lanka report hating the city, but I had a feeling we might like it. And I was right.

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Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Beach Time in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

After dealing with the transportation hassles of crowded trains and buses and finding mostly overpriced guest rooms in Sri Lanka, we decided to hunker down on the beach in Mirissa (where we found a reasonably priced room with pretty good wifi) for the rest of our time on the island until we needed to return to Colombo.

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Yala and Bundala National Parks in Sri Lanka

We left Ella and made our way by bus to Tissamaharama, often called just Tissa, the gateway town to Yala and Bundalla National Parks.

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Ella, Sri Lanka

Doing Nothing in Ella, Sri Lanka

We didn’t really do anything in Ella, yet it was one of our favorite places in Sri Lanka.

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Buses in Sri Lanka

After 3 crowded and uncomfortable train experiences in Sri Lanka, including two several hour trip where we had to stand, we decide to try the local bus for the rest of our travel in the country.

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Christmas in Kandy

Christmas in Kandy, Sri Lanka

We spent Christmas in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Kandy, pronounced like the sweet treat, is the second largest city in Sri Lanka, but feels more like a small town. Perhaps it is the lake in the center of the city that leads to its quaint feeling. Wandering on the path around the lake is downright peaceful (if you can ignore the noisy traffic on the road right next to the path).

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