Singapore: An Unexpected City Love Affair

Before planning this trip, I didn’t know much about Singapore. I knew it was a city in Asia and that it was the name of my kid’s elementary school math curriculum and that was about it. Once we started planning I learned that the city is known for being clean, modern, and expensive. And all of that turned out to be true! Continue reading


First Stop: Three Days in Taipei

Never one to miss and opportunity to get another stamp in his passport, Rand arranged for a 3 day stop over in Taipei on our one-way flight to Singapore. We came mostly to eat, but saw some sights as well. Continue reading

How and Why We Get to Travel the World for a Year

The short answer is this: my husband is a professor and he is taking students to Thailand for fall semester and then he’s taking a seven month sabbatical where he will be focusing on international development in poor countries. And our girls and I get to come with him-yeah! But being able to travel the world for a year is more complex than that. Continue reading