Galle, Sri Lanka

A Rough Start in Sri Lanka

We arrived in Sri Lanka in the afternoon. After a short flight from Bangkok, we effortlessly went through immigration and waited for our checked bags.

I tried not to appear to be staring as I admired the women in their colorful saris waiting at baggage claim with us.

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Trains in Sri Lanka

Trains in Sri Lanka

Riding the train in Sri Lanka is billed as an essential tourist experience. It not only gets you from one place to another, it also offers views of the ocean and mountains as the train passes down the coast or through the center of the island. Unfortunately, for the most part, our experience riding trains in Sri Lanka was less than pleasant.

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Things I Miss After 9 Months of Budget Travel in Asia

We have been traveling now for 9 months. From the time we started traveling until now I could have gestated an entire human being. It turns out traveling is not so unlike pregnancy. They both cause aching backs, sore feet, weird food cravings, and sometimes vomiting. They both inspire amazement, excitement, and anticipation of what is to come next.

And travel, like pregnancy, can make you nostalgic for what life was like before. With pregnancy, it was a flat stomach, sleeping through the night, and not having to pee all of the time. Here are some things I miss from life before travel.

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Top 15 Things We Did in Southeast Asia

On this trip, we traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos. When we finished our travels in the region, we had each family member make a top 15 list (because we had so many great experiences, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just 10).

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Mango sticky rice

What to Eat in Bangkok

Bangkok has amazing food. Not many people would argue that point. What’s even better is that often the best food in Bangkok is the cheap street food. Here are my favorite foods I have eaten in Bangkok.

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Things to Do with Teens in Bangkok

We returned to Bangkok after two months away. It almost felt like coming home. We love the city. Our teenagers love this city. When it was time to leave for Sri Lanka, we were all a bit sad, not know when the next time we would return to this amazing city. Here are some things our teenagers enjoyed doing in Bangkok.

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railey beach

There are No Beaches in Krabi Town

It took a while for Krabi Town to grow on me. We spent a night in this jumping off point for the islands in southern Thailand before taking a ferry to Koh Lanta. Then stayed 3 more nights before returning to Bangkok.

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