The Liebster Award


I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Steph from The Traveling Teacher. The Liebster Awards were set up by bloggers to help other bloggers find and interact with those new to blogging.

It was exciting to find out that someone other than family and friends is reading this blog. So now I am to answer Steph’s questions and then nominate up to 11 other new bloggers to answer my 11 questions.

Here are the questions Steph asked me.

1. What’s your earliest travel memory?

I have heard stories of a trip to Niagara falls when I was a toddler. Apparently, I was sick the whole time and my parents didn’t travel again until I was 4 and my sister was 2. We went “out west”, as we call the US mountain west in Ohio. My only memory is getting pneumonia and being stuck in a dark room all day and going to the hospital where they had a digital thermometer that I thought was cool. Hum . . I am sensing a pattern. Luckily, I have lots of fond memories of going camping as a family growing up when I wasn’t sick.

2. How did you catch the travel bug?

I caught it from my husband. I always wanted to travel to Europe, but after we got engaged he started talking about traveling the world. I didn’t even think it was possible. But 20 years later, we are on a round the world trip. And now I want to travel everywhere.

3. Who would be your ultimate travel companion (can be living or no longer with us)

My husband is a pretty amazing travel companion. Oh, he has his moments of losing his cool when stressed. But he is the best travel planner. He knows how to avoid scams. He gets detailed information for travel days, so everything goes smoothly. He learns the best time to get to attractions to avoid the crowds. He picks out guest rooms that are clean enough for me to tolerate, but fit our travel budget.

4. Your best piece of travel advice (can be something someone has told you or your advice for others)

Everything works out. This is my husband’s travel motto and I have found it to be true. When traveling in another country, especially when you don’t speak the language, can be confusing. Sometimes you don’t know if you have gotten on the right bus. You are not always sure where you are going when you book a tour with a driver. But so far on our travels, everything has worked out.

5. Favourite movie that inspires you to travel

Any movie set in New York City makes me want to travel to the Big Apple. And the most recent Bond movie increased my desire to visit Rome again.

6. How do you like to travel? (plane, car, train?)

I love sleeper trains. It’s generally cheaper than flying and you save on a night at a hotel. The gentle rock of the train lulls me right to sleep

7. Where’s the most remote or off-grid place you’ve ever been?

This past summer I spent 10 days in northern Thailand in a little village called Mae La Oop. We stayed in a family’s home and slept on mats on their floor. The village had no restaurants (the family we stayed with cooked our meals). No stores, except a few people selling snacks out of their homes. The roads were dirt and rice fields surrounded the tiny community. My back ached from sleeping on the floor and I hated the cold showers, but it is now one of my favorite travel experiences.

8. What’s been your worst moment whilst travelling?

When my whole family got food poisoning while sharing a room with a single bathroom in Pai, Thailand. It is also one of my funniest moments whilst traveling. A family of 5 dashing in and out of the bathroom all night is hilarious in retrospect.

9. Your favourite item of travel memorabilia (travel souvenir?)

I don’t think I can pick just one, but at home we have a “travel wall” where we hang pictures and shelves with trinkets from each country we have visited. I can’t wait to add to it when we return from our year of travel.

10. What’s your guilty pleasure/vice whilst travelling?

I love getting inexpensive spa treatments (pedicures, massages, fish spa) in Asia. No one else in my family likes massages, so I feel guilty spending even the small amount of money on myself.

11. If you could only travel to one more place where would it be?

This is a difficult question. Probably Rwanda to see the gorillas and experience Africa since I haven’t been to that continent. Although I really want to go to Israel. And Ireland. And I have never been to South America. Ack. This question is too hard. Hopefully, I will have more opportunities to travel and I won’t have to pick just one.

Here are my nominees:

Rachel from just me actually, who is getting ready to move to Laos

Liz and family from World Wide with Kids. I have been enjoying reading about their travels in Southeast Asia that have almost mirrored our trip 3 years ago. My husband even told them about the dinosaur carving at Ta Phrom and they went and found it.

Lili, a witty blogger, who shares her travel stories and tips at Lili’s Travel Plans

Veru and Petra from Simply Nomadic Life, an inspiring mother daughter pair traveling together long term.

And finally, the most veteran blogger in this group, Kait from Travelin’ Kait who at age 16 has been blogging for two years. I love reading her travel adventures from a teen’s point of view. She has also started a charity.

Alright, nominees, here are your questions. If you choose to participate, comment below with a link to your post. I look forward to your answers and discovering the new bloggers you nominate.

If there are any other new bloggers out there reading this that want to participate, consider yourself nominated. Leave me a comment to let me know.

1. What are your travel plans for this year?

2. What is the strangest thing that has happened to you or that you did while traveling?

3. If money were no object, where would you travel next?

4. Which country that you have been to has the best cuisine?

5. Where was the worst accommodations you have ever stayed in?

6. What advice would you give to other people wou want to travel?

7. If you were to live in a country other than your home country, where would you choose?

8. What is your favorite mode of transportation?

9. If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

10. Where have you traveled that either exceeded your expectations or that you were disappointed by?

11. Where are you right now?


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