Buddhist meditation Bangkok

Buddhist Meditation in Bangkok

I ducked my head as I entered the long, white basement room at the Buddhist wat. I had participated in short, guided meditations before, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 2 hour Buddhist mediation led by a monk.

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Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

How to Visit a Floating Market without Leaving Bangkok

While we were in Bangkok, our daughters’ friend came to stay with us for two weeks. One of the activities she wanted to do during her visit was to see a floating market. Having just gone to Amphawa floating market the previous weekend, we didn’t really want to leave Bangkok.

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Kanchanburi: A Famous Bridge and More

After surviving our adventure getting from Bangkok to Kanchanburi, we settled into our raft house for the night. It wasn’t until the next morning that I fully realized our room was floating. I woke to the sounds of boat motors. Moments later our little cabin began to rock to and fro. I walked out on the balcony and saw the source of the mini earthquake, waves from the river Kwai bobbing towards me.

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Adventures in Transportation Part 3: From Bangkok to Kanchanburi

Kanchanburi is a popular destination just outside Bangkok known for its World War II sites (Bridge on the River Kwai), natural scenery, and floating raft guesthouses. Travel agencies will happily book overpriced tours from Bangkok, but we prefer to take local transport which is cheaper and usually not that complicated. Usually…

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A Weekend in Amphawa

When planning a trip from Bangkok to a floating market, most online sources will recommend either Damneon Saduak, the biggest, most popular, most geared towards western tourists; or Amphawa, the smaller, quieter, more popular with Thais. Some will say Amphawa is more authentic and less touristy, but the truth is none of the floating markets in Thailand are “authentic.” None still sell stuff from boats because it’s the easiest way to transport goods. They sell stuff from boats because tourists like it.

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