Two Days in the Ancient City of Ayutthaya

There is just something about visiting ancient ruins that makes you keenly aware that you are walking on the same ground as people who lived thousands of years ago. It makes sense, or course, that seeing these crumbling buildings would conjure a sense of the past. And our trip to Ayutthaya was no different.

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 16 Things That Seem Normal After 5 Months of Travel in Southeast Asia

It occur to me recently that things that seemed unusual in southeast Asia at first are starting to seem normal. Our daughters had a friend come stay with us for two week recently and we would laugh when she would point out things she found strange because they didn’t seem weird to us anymore.

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A Random Reflection

We spent a total of one month this summer in the small northern Thailand towns of Mae La Oop and Mae Chaem. While we were living there I noticed something was missing. Something I see everyday in the United States. I look at this household item several times a day at home. Sometimes I spend up to an hour at a time staring at it, analyzing and adapting what I see when I look at it. Continue reading

Things to do in Mae Chaem, Thailand

Mae Chaem is a small town in northern Thailand. Not as small as Mae La Oop. But not very big. Some people say it will be the next Pai, but not having been to Pai so far, I can’t say. There is definitely not much tourism happening in Mae Chaem . . . yet.

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Schools in Mae Chaem

In Mae Chaem, like in Mae La Oop, we had the opportunity to follow the students on their internship when they visited schools and participated in other English teaching opportunities. This time Rand and I mostly observed, but we still had some great experiences.

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