Aloha! Yes, we actually live in Hawaii, but we decided to leave paradise for a year and travel the world while my husband is on sabbatical from his job as a university professor. Join us on our journey, won’t you?


Me (Michelle)

I’ve never been one to let people tell me that I can’t do something. People say you can’t just up and travel long term with kids and especially not with teenagers. I say, let’s figure out how to make this happen.



Our travel planner, motivator, and best tour guide ever. He has yet to meet a street food he didn’t like. He has been dreaming about, thinking about, and planning travel since he was 12. Read more about his love of travel here.



She loves drawing, playing guitar and writing stories. Plagued with irrational fears since she was a toddler (crying over cactus in Home Depot), she doesn’t let them stop her from enjoying weird, wild world travel. One of her favorite things about travel is spending the day on a plane, train, or boat reading a novel.



She loves baking, babies, and banging out a tune on the piano. Once our pickiest eater, she will now try just about anything (unless it’s covered in cheese). After our first meal in Cambodia when asked how she liked it, she said, “I have to say the tarantula was pretty good.”



She loves to draw like her oldest sister and bake like her other sister, but she is definitely her own person. She makes friends wherever we go. And it’s good thing she is friendly. She willingly humors the people we meet on our travels who are obsessed with her blonde hair.


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