Adventures in Transportation Part 1: Getting from Butterworth to Bangkok

We love traveling by train. It’s generally cheaper than flying. You get to see parts of the country you are travelling in that you wouldn’t normally get to see as the scenery rolls by out the window. And at night you get to sleep. In a bed. A fold out bed, yes.  But way more comfortable than trying to sleep in an airplane seat on an overnight flight!

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Budget Guesthouse Reviews: Malaysia

We stayed at a number of budget guesthouses in Malaysia, some good, one not so good. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, here is my opinion of the guesthouses where we stayed.

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In which I get locked in a bathroom stall in Penang, Malaysia

Sometimes we stay at guesthouses with shared bathrooms. This means that the toilets and showers are down the hall from your room. Not unlike a college dorm. Except with less twentysomethings. Or not, depending on what type of guesthouse you are staying at.

It’s not as bad as you might think, especially if it is a small guesthouse with less people to share with. In fact, sometimes you get the place all to yourself, as happened to me the day I got locked in a bathroom stall in Penang, Malaysa. Continue reading

Penang: Kek Lok Si Temple

Besides eating and walking around looking for street art, we didn’t do much in Penang. There was lots we could have done: Monkey Beach, Snake Temple, Penang National Park. But we live near a fantastic beach, heard that the Snake Temple was lame, and it was too hot and we were too tired to hike in the national park.  Honestly, after 3 weeks of sightseeing everyday we were ready for a rest.

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