Budget Guesthouse Reviews: Malaysia

We stayed at a number of budget guesthouses in Malaysia, some good, one not so good. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, here is my opinion of the guesthouses where we stayed.

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Who’s Looking at You: a Story about Staring

When we were in Taipei, one thing I noticed was that no one seemed to be staring at us. I expected some stares especially since we were often the only white people in the restaurant, on the subway car, etc. Also, I am sure we were doing culturally inappropriate things that would have garnered all kinds of stares in the United States. Continue reading


Melaka: Eat, Walk Around in the Heat, Repeat

We arrived in Melaka (also spelled Malacca) after a morning bus ride from Singapore, which involved getting off the bus at the border in Singapore, then getting back on the bus to ride across the causeway and then getting off again at the Malaysian border and back on until we got to Johor Bahru. At Johor Bahru, also called JB, we had a couple of hours wait to catch a different bus to Melaka. Continue reading