Pokhara, Nepal

Boats, Bad Air, and Beef in Pokhara, Nepal

The traveler friendly main street in Pokhara, Nepal was like a breath of fresh air after 2 ½ months in India. Ok, maybe that is a bad analogy since the air in the town was terribly polluted, but we were very happy to be in a place with a wide variety of restaurants and shops catering to the needs and wants of travelers.

Pokhara, Nepal

The first thing we wanted when we arrived in Pokhara was meat. Pork and beef to be precise. It is very difficult in India to find these delicious meats. Even at McDonald’s, you can only find chicken and fish on the menu.

We spent a week in Pokhara enjoying steak, sweet and sour pork, and cheeseburgers.

We wandering the streets of the Nepalese town, marveling at how clean it was compared to India.

We got used to Nepal’s rolling power outages and managed to keep our devices charged. Our hotel had comfy beds. With the nice hotel room, clean streets, and wide variety of food choices, I proclaimed we were never leaving Pokara.

On clear days, we could see the snow covered Himalayan mountains of the Anapurna range.

Pokhara, Nepal

Despite the bad air quality, the lake was very pretty.

Pokhara, Nepal

We took a paddle boat out on the lake one day. The girls claimed they had never ridden on one before. Rand and I enjoyed letting the girls paddle us around until we had to make it to the dock before the hour was up and we ended up being the ones pedaling with all our might to get us back in time.

Pokhara, Nepal

Sometimes it’s great to travel off the beaten path, but it is also nice to relax in a traveler’s hub. Pokhara was the perfect town for us to regain our energy after the difficulties of traveling in India and get ready for our adventures in Nepal.

Pokhara, Nepal


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