Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

“When I say, run, run forward,” said my guide.

“Ok,” I said.

“When I say, come back, walk backward.”

“All right.”
“When I say, go, sit back in the seat and lift your legs.”

“Go it.”

I ran forward, walked back, ran forward again, then leaned back into the seat, lifted my legs and suddenly I was flying.

It was the first time any of us had been paragliding. With a guide strapped to our backs, one by one we all found ourselves hanging in the air.

Paragliding in Nepal

With the exception of Kali, who almost lost her shoe, we all floated off the hill side with ease.

It was a strange sensation to be sitting in the air, feet dangling. The ground far below.

Our guides took pictures and videos and moved our parachutes towards the thermals.

In the thermals, we slowly circled upward. The ground below was terraced fields. In the distance Pewaha Lake and the Himalayan foothills were visible.

Paragliding in Nepal

I felt like I was on an extreme fair ride. I was hard to believe I was only being held up by a few strings attached to a parachute.

After about a half hour, it was time to land. Our guides asked each of us if we wanted to do acrobatics and we all did.

After watching our videos I found that I got the best ride. My guide and I swooped and dipped. Then we spun in what our family dubbed, “The Death Spiral.” I screamed and screamed. I got so dizzy I had to close my eyes.

Paragliding in Nepal

Then it was time to land. My guide aimed us towards a field and suddenly I was putting my feet back on the ground and attempting to stand. My knees buckled, but my guide lifted me to standing. And then my first paragliding experience was over.

We had an amazing time floating over Pokhara, Nepal. At 7000 NRS (about 70 USD) per person, we thought it was a great value. Paragliding will definitely make the list of our top experiences in south Asia.

Paragliding in Nepal


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