What to eat in Thailand

Where to Eat in Chiang Mai

It is no secret that one of our favorite things to do while traveling is eat, especially local foods. I have no doubt that one of the reasons we love Chiang Mai so much is its wide selection of amazing food to eat. Here are our top places to eat in Chiang Mai.


Where to eat in Chiang Mai

Aroon Rai

Located: just outside the Ta Phae gate to the south on the other side of the moat

What to get: Aroon Rai has the best curry in Thailand. The chicken potato curry is my personal favorite

Khao Soi Islam

Located: near the night bazzar

What to get: The khao mok gai (chicken biriyani) is one of the best biriyani I have ever eaten. The sweet green sauce is amazing on the chicken and rice. As their name suggests, their khao soi is also very good.

Sunday Night Walking Market

Located: at the Ta Phae gate and along Ratchadamnoen

What to get: At Wat Phan On get the spiral potato (especially if it has been freshly made) and the chicken kebab. The samosas at the chicken kebab stand are great, too. Across the street at Wat Samphao, the bacon wrapped mushrooms and honey chicken are delicious. The waffles are really good here, especially with sweeten condensed milk. Then just get whatever looks good. It’s all pretty fantastic.

Chiang Mai Sunday night market

Bacon wrapped mushrooms

North Gate

Located: food stalls outside the gate and across the moat)

What to get: Find the lady with the cowboy hat and get her khao ka moo (stewed pork). After eating hers, I can’t order this dish from anyone else because hers is so much better. Also, try the nearby sukiyaki. Look for a set of crowded tables and hover until a spot opens up. You can order wet or dry Sukiyaki. Both are quite yummy.

South Gate

Located: food stalls just inside the gate

What to get: You might not think pork hamburgers would be good, but the ones at the south gate are great. This is also a good place to eat meat on a stick. Look for a cart with a smoker and order whatever looks good. You can get fruit shakes all over Chiang Mai, but they are particularly good here. The pah ton koh (a donut-like pastry) are great here, too. Get them when they are fresh out of the fryer and order a side of green pandan sauce for dipping. On the east side of the gate is a really good roti stand. I really like this crepe-like dessert with bananas and nutella.

Lert Ros

Located: on Ratchadamnoen Soi 1

What to get: Anything, but the bamboo salad (it smells and tastes like elephant dung)


Located: near Ratchadamnoen

What to get: If you get tired of Thai food (which you won’t) or just want some western food for a change of pace, go here for pizza and pasta.

Grisole Chiang mai

SP Chicken

What to get: Chicken, of course. Get a half or whole roast chicken with some sticky rice and anything else that look good on the menu.

SP chicken

This roast chicken with sweet chili sauce puts all other chicken to shame


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