Budget Guesthouse Reviews: Laos

As a family of 5, it is not always easy to find budget accommodation. We did pretty well in Laos. Sometimes our 3 girls shared a double bed. Other times we didn’t get A/C. We don’t mind if the rooms are old or poorly decorated, but we look for clean rooms. All of the rooms we stayed in had western toilets and hot showers. Here is a run down of the places we stay in Laos.

Si Pan Don Don Khon

Somphamit Guesthouse

After getting off the boat at Don Khon, we turned right and started stopping at guesthouses along the river. The first we stopped at was over our budget. At the second one, Somphamit Guesthouse, we found clean rooms and hammocks on the porch. We were quoted 230,000 kip for a 2 double rooms with A/C. We said, “OK, thanks, we’re going to keep looking around,” and the guesthouse owner dropped the price to 200,000. That price worked for us, so we stayed and had a great time lounging in the hammocks overlooking the river for days. The wifi was pretty slow, but we weren’t expecting any wifi on the island, so we were pretty happy to have a little contact with the outside world.
Cleanliness ****
Wifi **
Room size *****
Host ****
What we paid: 200,000 kip (25 USD) for two double rooms with A/C
Recommend to others: Yes

Vang Vieng

Jammee Guesthouse

We called Jamee Guesthouse (recommended by Morgans Go Travelling) from Don Khon and booked their family room for 3 nights. I had to do some bargaining, because the original quoted price was over our budget and over what was listed on Agoda. I like Agoda, but often you can get a cheaper price if you book directly with the guesthouse. We settled on $35/night including breakfast.
The room was clean and roomy. The wifi was decent. There is A/C, but it often wasn’t powerful enough to cool the large room. The breakfast was OK, but we didn’t think it was worth the extra cost. The host was also never around. We had to go elsewhere to book activities. The biggest problem with Jammee is that it is far from the main area of town where all of the food is. We moved to Backpacker’s Riverside Guesthouse after the 3 nights.

Cleanliness ****
Room size *****
Host *
What we paid: 28,500 kip (35 USD) for a family room with 3 double beds, breakfast included
Recommend to others: No because of location and cost

Backpacker Riverside Guesthouse

Backpacker Riverside Guesthouse is on an island in the river behind the main street in town. A short bridge connects the island to the mainland. Recommended by World Travel Family, we were offered a double (A/C) and a triple (no A/C) including breakfast for $200,000 kip. We were happier with this price and location than at Jammee Guesthouse.

Breakfast was simple: eggs or fried rice, and was served at a hut by the river. The wifi in our room was decent, but the girls room was farther from the router, so they had to sit by the door or outside in the common are to get a connection.

Cleanliness ****
Wifi*** (depending on room)
Room size *****
Host ****

What we paid: 200,000 kip (25 USD) for a double (A/C) and a triple (no A/C) breakfast included
Recommend to others: Yes

Luang Prabang

Suan Keo

We came to Luang Prabang without booking ahead, but with an area and Travelfish recommendations in mind. The girls and I waited at Joma Bakery Cafe while Rand walked around the area. He booked us rooms at Suan Keo (one of the recommendations). We got 2 double rooms, one with A/C and one fan ( ‘cause our Hawaii girls get cold in A/C) for 200,000 kip

The rooms were somewhat small and relatively clean with some quirks like a difficult to close bathroom door. The wifi was pretty terrible. Rand had unlimited data on his phone, so we used that as a router instead. We walked around after staying one night, but couldn’t find anything better in our price range. It turned out there was another Suan Keo on the same street. The rooms there cost more.

Cleanliness ****
Wifi *
Room size ***
Host ***
What we paid: 200,000 kip (25 USD) for a double (A/C) and a double (no A/C)
Recommend to others: Maybe

Luang Namtha


We arrived in Luang Namtha in the evening and asked the songtheow driver from the bus station to drop us off at Dokchampa Hotel. The rooms there were musty, so we wandered down the main street. The rooms at the next place had hard beds. Finally we settled on Khamking. We ended up with 2 triple rooms with A/C for 200,000 kip. The rooms were bit worn, but we only planned to stay 2 nights.

The wifi here was great. The best we had in Laos. We could watch youtube and netflix and everything!

Cleanliness ***
Wifi *****
Room size *****
Host ****
What we paid: 200,000 (25 USD) for 2 triples with A/C
Recommend to others: Yes

Budget Accommodation Laos


*I have linked to Agoda for convenience, however, you can often get a better rate by just showing up or by contacting the guesthouse directly.

**Disclosure: I have an affliate account with Agoda and may get a few pennies, if you click on the links.


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